Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

It’s been proven that the look and feel of your office and building facilities create an impression on your clients whether they realise it or not. In an office environment 1st impressions are critical and clients will instantly pick up on this.

Your office and building facilities reflect on your company. Are you trying to create a warm and comfortable feeling like many home centres create, maybe an expensive professional feeling like a high end legal firm might want to portray or maybe a child like feeling like a child centre. There are ways to create all these through a professional paint job and its not something you want to get wrong eg imagine walking into a legal firm and there are bright yellows and blues and reds everywhere like you would expect at a wiggles show, that would certainly not make the client feel they were in the right place.

Potential clients judge your credibility on how you appear, associating neat surroundings with efficient performance. Staff are also affected by their surroundings, with morale and performance being much higher when facilities are neat and attractive. Good paintwork is part of this company appeal.

We have experience in:

  • Company and private offices
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Shops
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Hotels
  • Children’s centres
  • Reception Areas
  • And more

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