Tips To Transform Your Bathroom On A Budget

There are many reasons you might want to give your bathroom a makeover – and equally as many reasons why you don’t want to spend huge amounts of money doing so. The good news is that you can achieve a fresh bathroom without breaking the bank.

Whether you need to update a grotty unloved space or you simply want a new look for your white bathroom suite, there are plenty of ways you can transform your bathroom on a budget giving you a sparkling, fresh room with money left over.




Get it Clean First

First things first, why not give your bathroom a proper clean? We’re not talking a quick wipe round the sink, but a thorough, all over, scrub from the walls and woodwork to cleaning the grout and buff drying taps and metal handles. This in itself can be enough to freshen up your bathroom – but even if you still want or need to take it further, a good clean is always the best place to start. If, after you’ve given the bathroom a good scrub, you want to go further, there are plenty of low cost ways of transforming your bathroom.


Choosing a Theme

So what are the options, assuming you can’t afford a new suite or to re-master the plumbing? A good place to start is to choose a theme for your bathroom which will help you focus on colours and accessories. There are plenty of reasonably priced bathroom decorating products that will bring great results even if you are on a tight budget.


Introducing Colour

Think about a lick of paint, or even investing in new moisture-resistant wallpapers for the bathroom to bring a much-needed update to the walls. You could combine paper and paint, introducing a patterned ‘feature wall’ using bathroom wall paper, and then get to work with the paint brushes and bathroom paint in a co-ordinating colour for the rest of the room. If your shower screen is patterned why not see if you can echo it on a bathroom cabinet, or even reproduce the pattern on the wall in strategic places. You’ll need to take time to get the painting right – if you’re not replacing the fittings (the bath and the shower or sink) you’ll need to make sure you cover these well so they don’t get paint splashes on them, but go carefully and this shouldn’t be a problem.


Small Colour Changes

You may find that the paintwork itself is fine, but you can introduce new colour with a spot of re-tiling. Even just freshening up the tiles on splash backs around the bath or shower and sink will go a long way to transforming your bathroom. If you don’t want to replace your tiles, you can use tile paint to refresh what you already have (and a grout paint pen to brighten up grey grout), or there are adhesive tiles that you can stick on top of your existing ceramic tiles to transform your bathroom. Otherwise, a top tip for tiles is to focus on key areas of the room rather than having big areas of tile, and check out the end of line bargain tiles.


If you’re changing the colour of your bathroom but not the fittings themselves, another economical tip is to consider changing the bath panel of your bath to match. Bath panels are inexpensive, yet replacing what you have with something that co-ordinates with your walls will help you bring about the dramatic transformation to your room you’re looking for. Many companies will cut panels to size for you, making fitting easy too.


As mentioned earlier, choosing a theme for your bathroom before you start is a good way to go and will help you not only choosing colours, but to focus on suitable accessories that fit with your theme and the vibe you are trying to create. Coastal themes are often popular for bathrooms – think blues with splashes of vibrant sunny yellows, but you could let your imagination run wild. If you want a feminine boudoir, think soft pinks, candles and floaty curtains (perhaps with a blind for privacy), or go for a futuristic look with metallic paints or tiles and accessories to match.


Small Changes that Really Make a Difference

You can change your bath ‘furniture’ to match the mood you want to create. Update taps introducing vintage ceramics or sleek metal fittings as you see fit. Even something as simple as changing the shower curtain or replacing a grimy shower screen will make a big difference. You can also give your bathroom cabinet a revamp rather than replacing it – sand wooden cabinets down before repainting in a co-ordinating colour, use stencils to introduce pattern into the bathroom (why not echo the pattern on your shower screen or curtain?) or if you’re feeling inspired, you can use techniques such as decoupage to bring a truly individual feel to your
new look bathroom.


Small touches such as some art work on the walls – something as simple as some postcards in inexpensive frames – or a brightly coloured dish for soaps will help bring your new bathroom look together without costing a fortune. A new mirror will add a sense of space to a small bathroom, and you can bring glamour to your bathroom trailing fairy lights around the ceiling, or deploy spotlights to ensure good lighting for those needing to apply makeup, or to create a slick modern feel to the bathroom.


The beauty of a bathroom makeover is that it’s usually a relatively small room so you won’t need much in the way of materials. This is particularly the case with flooring – while new carpet or vinyl flooring might be prohibitive in other rooms as part of a makeover, you may well find that you can invest in new flooring for your bathroom and still bring your project in on budget. Even if new flooring has to wait, you can transform your room further by introducing a new bath mat. Select one that is easy to keep clean, you’ll be able to keep your bathroom looking fresher for longer.

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