Tips To Upgrade Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house — and should be a cozy retreat for you to enjoy fully. Whether it’s luxurious bedding, soothing color schemes, or unique accent pieces, paying close attention to your design decisions can result in a chic space for rest and relaxation.


1. Repaint Your Bedroom  

Repainting the room sounds easy but is a difficult task especially for those bedrooms which have very high ceilings. Generally, repainting a room takes just one day, yet you may have to stay away from the room for couple of days more to allow the paint to dry properly. So, it also serves as a great excuse to squeeze in for a weekend getaway.

Repainting the room is an opportunity to customize the room as per your taste. More so, if you have just moved into a new place, you may not be overly thrilled with the former tenant’s sense of style. This is a great way to add your personal touch to the place.

Use subtle colours to paint the room especially if your room is small to ensure proper illumination.


2. Rearrange Your Furniture 

If you feel your room is a bit too cramped or if you intend to avoid sunrays hitting your bed, rearranging your furniture is a great option. You are not really going to add anything to the room. Yet by rearranging the furniture around you can totally change the outlook of the room. Some people like to do this every season. During summer, they want to sleep closer to the window, but they are not so keen about doing the same during the winter. You can start a seasonal trend of your own.

Most of the time, people want to mimic the look they see in the magazines or online. But this may not be suitable for your particular living space. Ideally, you should be looking to maximize the amount of space that is available. Don’t hesitate to remove the furniture that really does not provide any practical use or which you have not used for last one year.


3. Change Your Mattress & Bed Linens   

Mattress is of utmost importance for a comfortable sleep. The mattress loses its softness over time and tends to become uncomfortable. You have to decide when to pull the plug on your old mattress. You will be able to obtain a quality mattress to replace the one that you previously had. This will automatically upgrade your living experience within your bedroom. 

Bed linens form the most striking part of the bedroom. You can switch them periodically or by season. There are going to be times of the year where you are going to need an extra blanket. Other days you might even feel like sleeping on top of the sheets. Over the years, linens tend to get rough owing to multiple washes. You can take this opportunity not only to better your sleeping experience but also to mix and match the colours of your linens with the rest of your room.


4. Hang Artwork on Your Walls

There is no reason why your walls have to be perfectly smooth and painted in a single colour. An artistic wall décor gives your room a unique look. Conventional way is to add artwork or even family pictures around the room. This can help you feel more at ease in a room, especially if you have just moved into a new city.

You can also opt for creative wallpapers to enhance your bedroom interiors.

Furniture on the walls, on the other hand, is a relatively more modern trend. It can help you maximize the amount of space that you have to be able to store books and different types of objects neatly. While giving your room a very trendy look!

Adding bookshelves or simple shelves to walls can be a great way to organize the different objects that you may have lying around at home. The last thing that you would want is to have to cram all of your belongings into the closet or under the bed. These small shelves can help put everything in a proper place.


5. Add a Rug

The tile floors tend to be extremely cold in winters and one may not be comfortable to step on them bare feet. Adding rugs and carpets not only keeps your feet warm but also improves bedroom décor. This is going to make getting-up to the bathroom in the middle of the night less of a hard road to travel as well!

You may choose from silk oriental rugs, jute cotton rugs, reversible rugs depending on your budget.


6. Update your Window Coverings 

Do you still have those old-fashioned curtains in your bedroom? Replace them with the new styles and fabrics. People are more gravitating towards the wood tones with natural grains to match their cabinets, you can also go for new blinds ideas adorning your windows.


7. Light-up your Bedroom 

Get creative by hanging pendant lights or revamp it with classic floor lamp or you can go modern with stunning night lamps.

Pendant lights are stylish and space saving! Floor lamps are ideal for contemporary interiors. And, if you have a comfortable chair in your bedroom then floor lamp adds a statement to your space.


8. Don’t Forget Hardware & Ceiling Fan

Don’t forget to upgrade your hardware like wardrobe, dress knobs, door handles, etc. Choose your ceiling fan according to your bedroom colour and style.


9. Stay True to Your Style 

In very traditional looking rooms, adding furniture on the walls is not going to be a good idea. Follow the theme of your room and decorate it keeping the whole look in mind skillfully.


All in all, these were few tips to help you transform or upgrade your bedroom into lively and interesting.   You are going to be creating a space that will suit your needs and your sense of style. Therefore, don’t shy away to go a little bit off-script from what you could typically find in other people’s rooms. It is your space there is no reason why you should not take advantage of it.

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